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    And I love it! The rear tires not so much
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    Yup, that's what happens because the groove is symmetrical with the pad and rotor rotation! A little hint, if in the future you have trouble getting a caliper/pad off a rotor because of a lip or groove do this. Take a large screwdriver or the like, place it between the rotor and an open area of the caliper, non piston side, usually through the top opening of the caliper. Lever the screwdriver handle back towards the non piston side of the caliper. This will collapse the piston back into it's bore creating a larger gap between the pad and rotor allowing the caliper to come off easily.
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    crazy... who would have thunk it. lemme tell you from experience... they suck. Trying to pull off the caliper with the pads in that groove was not easy. I got my new rotors on order ... drilled/slotted for $114 shipped. :0)
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    I finally got the LSA kit from Boostdistrict on and tuned by Brewer Speed and Racing here in Columbus, GA. Woah buddy is this car a blast to drive. These cars should have come from the factory supercharged. MODS: LSA blower with ZL1 lid 2.45 in Griptech pulley TSP Stage 2 PD cam 60lb injectors DW300C fuel pump Spec Twin Disc Clutch video-1538282855.mp4 Just like the title says, it dynoed at 636rwhp and 573ftlb
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    That's quite a lot of power!
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