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Pontiac of the Month

gscherer78ta's 1978 Trans Am

2019 February
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    Congrats @DrDave for winning our 2018 May Pontiac of the Month! 1970 Trans Am
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    https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/gm-vehicle-collection/1970_Pontiac_Pegasus_Concept.html 1970 Pontiac Pegasus Concept Designed under the direction of William L. Mitchell, GM Design Vice President, the Pegasus was built as a "design concept" study from a production 1970 Pontiac Firebird. The front end, grille and fender vents were inspired by Ferrari designs. Enzo Ferrari contributed a 365 GTB/4 V12 engine to the project. The engine was mated to a Ferrari 5-speed transmission and a GM posi-traction rear axle. The 4-wheel disc brakes were from a Corvette, the wire wheels were from Borrani and the exhaust system, mufflers and instrument panel gauges were from Ferrari. Pictures from the GM Heritage Collection
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    Good points Frosty, BUT..... Everything on the Chevy is backwards from Pontiac. Starter on the wrong side, (usually battery too) fuel , plumbing on the wrong side, same with electrical. Justa sayin, this was all redone to get rid of the Chevy in my GTO and put the Pontiac heart back in.
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    It will work but you will need to use upper and lower motor mounts from an early 2nd gen Camaro (396/402 car). Also, the transmission will need to be changed since the 301 engine has the BOP (Buick-Olds-Pontiac) bolt pattern and you are switching to a Chevrolet engine and bolt pattern. Depending on the transmission you use, you may have to move the transmission cross member back or get a new one. Depending on the overall length of the engine and the transmission, you may have to shorten your driveshaft too. Next consider upgrading your stock front suspension to a heavier duty front set of springs and shocks for the added weight of the BBC. Also consider upgrading your brakes. If you are adding a lot of giddy up go, you need to add whoo. Lastly, you are going to add a set of sub-frame connectors to help keep the uni-body from twisting, aren't you?
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    Thank you very much. It was quite the surprise. Was not expecting this.
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