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    So Sunday I decided to work on the car. I got the brakes bled, clutch bled, so I figured out that I could throw some fuel in the carb and see if it would fire. She sputters and coughs sounds like I dropped a bolt in the intake. Starter fights and doesn't do stuff. Pull the starter thinking I cooked it. Nope Pull the plugs and checked the gap. Perfect. Put an inspection camera in the cylinders nothing. Check the valves, all good. Check the position of the distributor on the number one cylinder compression, good there too. I cannot figure it out until I notice that the number eight cylinder is possibly in the wrong position. Yep I did it. I wired the car for counter clockwise rotation not clockwise. Shine tastes great tonight.
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    What I see is no bondo on the body. New generator, starter, carb and voltage regulator. Just needed a battery to get her going. Put in a new water pump and a thermostat that it never had along with a new manifold gasket. There's a leak in the front of the engine so I suspect timing chain gasket and seal. I noticed leaking at the rear brakes so I'm thinking axle seals. I would like to change the entire brake system to new. The tires are mint as well as the underbody. Other than that it's all stock. Found a mouse nest under the back seat and also was infested with ants. It was damp and mouldy. I've since been drying the begeebers out of it. It's gonna need a new headliner, carpet and some paint inside. The clock and radio even works as well at the hood emblem that lights up! haha. I'm not making this a show car but a cool one to take on those Sunday drives that will be safe and comfortable!
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    Why the Montana? Just bring back the S10 name. [emoji52] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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