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GTO TEX's 1966 GTO

2020 February
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    #'s matching 400, bored and stroked to 462ci, MSD fuel injected, Tremec 5-speed, 4 wheel disc brakes, Year One 17 inch wheels, Vintage Air
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    My 1966 GTO. LS2, donated from a 2006 GTO, T56 6 speed, A/C, 17" wheels.
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    I hope this size is sufficiently large...If not, please advise
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    1941 business coupe. In the family since 1946. 1958 Pontiac 370 with 4 speed hydro.
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    This is a picture of our 65 GTO that was taken in San Jose California at the San Jose Firefighters car show a few years ago.
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    Here's my 1977 Formula project. Started as a $400.00 barn find. She's my PHOENIX, rising from the rust.
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    Here are some of Lucy for consideration Lucy in front of a cornfield - fall 2015 Fall 2015 Lucy at Great Lakes National Cemetery - dedicated to all who served! Lucy at my local VFW hall Lucy on Route 66 at the restored Standard Oil station in Odell, Illinois Lucy in front of a wrecking yard
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    Having owned a red '68 FB 400 many moons ago, I am kind of partial to red early 'Birds. Great looking ride you got there, I especially like the Rally I's which you don't often see on Firebirds. BTW, just a heads up... Ringo is probably going to come by here soon and ask you to pick just one picture.
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    Well I have a 73 GTO & being kinda new here I'll say that you won't probably see another one like it. I have added a 70-71 rear spoiler to the trunk lid of my car. I took a bit to do as the spoiler if added just the way it was would be angled about 35 degrees up in the front. I took a bit to get it to sit correctly on the trunk . It has been on my car for about 36 years as i put it on in 1980. Most everyone that sees it says that Pontiac should have put it on there from the factory. I have had it to several GTO nats & it always get a lot of attention & praise for the wing on the back. Did I mention I bought my car new & also had a hood tach installed before I picked it up at the dealer. It is the correct hood tach that has the vent in the bottom & has the correct vent tube that goes into the heater box. Lots have seen that to & lots want to buy the vent tube , but it's not for sale. My car is now a 4 spd. but came original as an auto. I ordered a new 73 GTO with the 455 SD engine but it didn't come in. Although the order got picked up & then canceled 5 times before I was told finally that it would not come the way I ordered it. I tried to order another one but it was to late as it took forever to be canceled the last time so I had to take what they had on the lot which was one the owners son was driving. But I got a very good deal on it as it had a lot of miles on it when i got it. 8340 miles, but it only cost me $ 2500.00 out the door with the trade of my 69 Firebird. It came with P.S , P.B. Disc brakes & AM 8-track radio & the sport wheel , vinyle top, & the 400 engine. AF coupe. Thats with the louvered side windows. But it's now a 4 spd. with 373 rear end & posi.
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