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    If you've perused my pics on other posts then by now you've probably questioned my front bumper. For those who know Grand Prixs in one glance you can tell its not stock. Common question I'm asked is how did you mold in the SD lip? Haha no no that's not a molded SD lip, that's a full custom job, one of one, no one else ANYWHERE has it. It is 91 Camaro Z28 front lip vents integrated into the bumper using the same material as the bumper, I wanted something different, something unique, something I could say was my own idea, I think I achieved that and in my opinion it looks awesome. Side skirts and rear bumper will be getting the same treatment soon as well. So have a look and tell me what you all think! (First 2 pics are from when it was done in 2010)
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    My car graces as many show fields as I can get her to every year, here's some pics from this year, enjoy!
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    I know what you mean. When I re-did the seats on my Lemans, I purchased exact reproduction white seat covers from Legendary Auto Interiors. They produce the exact color and grain for my '72 convertible. I had my upholsterer carefully take them apart and replace the stock white piping with blue piping that matches the exterior color of the car. it is a subtle thing, but people notice it and often ask me did that come that way from the factory? Great job on bumper.
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    Nice job, very Foose like... subtle, and yet you're like "wait a minute, something's different here!"
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    Guess in the future I won't help at all then... sheeesh
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