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  3. As a side bar, a couple of things you can do to improve 2 bolt main performance is this. Replace the bolts with studs! The proper studs will be stronger & the corresponding nuts will be stronger. Also use permatex aviation form a gasket on the stud threads on insertion of the stud. It is at this time you should torque the studs independent of the caps. Then when you install the caps over the studs apply this same permatex to the top threads, install the nut and torque the cap.
  4. 2020 Lincoln Aviator full review We rate the new luxury SUV at 7.0 overall thanks to a comfortable interior and a good-looking exterior. Power, efficiency, reality all catch up with 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Why pick a turbodiesel light-duty pickup? The answer won't be the same for all buyers. More than 100K 2015 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ sedans...View the full article
  5. Kia Stingers already have plenty of power to move, but they haven't been moving off dealer lots and now Kia is pricing them to move quicker. Our partners at CarDirect found a dealer incentive of up to $3,000 on some Stinger models, but there's a catch. According to CarsDirect, the $3,000 is dealer-incentive cash, which may not be passed along to...View the full article
  6. Amazing looking Goat!
  7. Sweet looking Goat! That isn't a '67 factory color is it? Looks amazing regardless. What, if anything, has been done to it?
  8. I agree with Last Indian. You have to have a goal in mind with you motor. Most of us don't have limitless budgets. So what is your vision for the motor and the car? If you say street performance, handling, occasional autocross or the quarter mile blast, then 400-500 HP should be fine. Also, if you start pushing much more horsepower then that you have to spend more money in other parts of the car too, such as bigger brakes, sub-frame connectors/roll cage, etc. You get the point, going faster means more money needs to be spent elsewhere too. Personally, I am happy to put the rice rockets in their place. I don't need to beat the latest Corvette or Hell-kitten.
  9. Well actually a 2 bolt main can handle 600 hp & 7000 rpm, but there is a lot that goes with that statement! If you’re talking racing? Than no! If you’re talking street once in a while then yes. Main cap flex in a 2 bolt starts at just under 600 hp and about 6000 rpm. The advantage of this type of build is more low end power, if done right. The disadvantage is if you get over zealous & fuel economy. So in general I would skip the girding and just do a good build.
  10. The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is strong evidence that Ford’s luxury bona fides don’t start and end with the full-size Navigator. In base, Reserve, and Black Label, both the Aviator and Aviator Grand Touring hybrid vector off in a luxury lane. We give it 7.0 out of 10. (Read more about how we rate cars.) The 2020 Aviator leaps into the niche...View the full article
  11. For 2020, Ram isn’t letting off the gas—or maybe I should say “accelerator.” The 2020 Ram 1500 marks the return of the EcoDiesel engine under the hood of the automaker’s light-duty pickup truck. With a $4,995 price premium (or $3,000 over the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 e-Torque mild-hybrid) the burning question for the diesel...View the full article
  12. My 68 gto, has a 467 with butler's 340cfm heads and their biggest hydraulic roller cam topped with Holleys HP fuel injection. It made 504hp and 530 foot pounds through a t56 magnum and a strange dana 60. Ant
  13. Yesterday
  14. Woodward is technically a state highway -M1. This means we can’t keep the riff-raff out!!!
  15. Looking for trim for my Ventura around the windows I tryed to clean it up but it sat to long any help
  16. Psh, apparently! Who let that Toyota Rav4 in?
  17. Ed Kozinski-1994 25th Anniversary Trans-Also the Pace Car for the 35th Daytona 500. All original with 19,500 and 1 0f 89 with the 6-speed Manual+T-Tops and CD Player.
  18. No photos this time, unfortunately but i took my entire engine apart and took a good look at the bearings. Apparently i was leaking oil out of the oil pan faster than i could keep up so i need new bearings, which is no big deal. I already have an aluminum oil pan, black and silver finned ready to install. HOWEVER i need some mucho geniuses here. I have the 2 bolt main Block. Not very strong, safe zone is up to 500hp and i understand this. The current engine components already make up to 420hp with a stock specification crank shaft. I've recently found that there is a Main Girdle i can use which essentially makes the block a 10 bolt main by connecting all bearings, increasing its strength and reliability to pump out more than 500hp. Great right? Now, since that's an option, would it be okay to throw in a stroker crank and make this into a 383 stroker? or would doing this be too risky?
  19. Challenger Drag Pak car Got Nitrous? Nice Rolls Royce! Not quite the American Family Truckster but close. We couldn't find the dog leash! I love it when the engine is as high as the roof! The "SH-Boom" flame throwers are legendary in the Detroit area. The '49 Cadillac and F-150 are two The Motor City [Mercury] Marauders club At the NCRS Corvette korral - an original Corvette fuelie! This Challenger has no top ! How much would it cost for you to stand around in a hot dog and mustard costume all day? Love the license plate No notallthere - this is not my next car!
  20. Okay I was not quite as snap happy as JUSTA, I only did around 300 photos. Here are some of mine. Signs from my buddy Joe's stand - he's an official Dream Cruise stand too. Sweet Indian head on a gorgeous '49 Pontiac. A Hellcrate engine in a '68 GTX - very cool. Loved the Hell crate in the cop car - the Dunkin' Donuts on the dash was a nice touch too. Great looking '70 GTO convertible Avanti C7 Limo Hot Pontiac! Lead Sled Donked '85 Buick LeSabre Limited. My parents had one - sans the donk. JUSTA's Tiger is getting fresh with my two tigers. WTF? The little guy is saying "I don't know you!" Lucy's identical stranger? Sometimes you just want to bring the whole family out to Woodward! I snitched one more cookie than JUSTA - even though he got his first! They let anything on Woodward! I do mean anything!
  21. My 1960 Bonneville in Sweden, bought it in Michigan and restored it. The colour is the rare ”Black Pearl”
  22. Ford announced last week that it would recall more than 100,000 2015 Ford Fusion and 2015 Lincoln MKZ sedans for seat belt fasteners that could erode and fail to hold occupants in place in a crash. The automaker said it was aware of one injury caused by the faulty seat belts. In a statement, Ford said that 2015 Fusion sedans built between Aug. 1...View the full article
  23. Compact hatchbacks get a bad wrap as soulless econoboxes. Perhaps that's why fewer Americans buy them each year and run toward crossovers like they're In-N-Out Burger. (Eds note: Crossovers are basically hatchbacks on stilts, but we won't tell anyone else.) The 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback is one of the few remaining dedicated hatchbacks on sale...View the full article
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