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  2. My 2002 Grand Am has 40,000 miles on it & it's in pretty good shape. The car has a sealed transmission in it. According to the owners manual, it has lifetime fluid with no need to change it or worry about the filter. Anybody have thoughts or suggestions on this ? I'm an old timer and feel after 18 years or so it might be time to change the trans fluid. How long is the original fluid good for ? Is ok to just go to an oil change place and get the fluid changed ? Lots of stuff on google about it but, what's the real truth ? I don't want to change it and create any problems here. Comments welcome.
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  4. without further adieu,I'm finally back home. I'm re learning the basics like walking, dressing, going to the bathroom etc all over again. My first priority was to start the GTO and get her running again. I cant drive yet as I still have very bad vision. I do want to get the car in for PF POTM for August. Sorry I was gone so long but I guess its better to be on the top side of the grass. Thank You. RG
  5. The short answer is no. Most GTO body bushings look like large hockey pucks. The Bonneville/Catalina/early Grand Prixs have a combination square and circular body pushing. Original Parts Group has OER body bushings for your ride. They are not polyurethane but they will be way better than the wiped out stock ones. https://www.opgi.com/chassis-suspension/bushings-mounts/1959-72-body-mount-bushings/bushing-body-1961-72-bonnevillecatalina1962-68-grand-prix-square-34-id-gbc12403.html
  6. This is definitely my sister-in-law Illeterate? Write for free help!
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  8. Good luck on that one. 42 years and I haven't done it yet! What were you doing over here without stoppin by??? I see how you are.
  9. while waiting for my coilovers to ship out i was planning on revamping the front suspension of the car. including ball joints, tie end rods, bushings, ect. Upon inspection i realized all my rubber body mounts were garbage. Ordered a kit for a 66 gto but im curious as to if it will be compatible for my Catalina. ANY answers or help to guide me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
  10. First of all I am very happy to see that Ringo’s website works JustA the way he would want it to! People pitching in to help one another out! No condemnation, no heckling, JustA working to resolve someone’s problem! Way to little of the today! I would guess that the shop that did the heads the first time put in good aftermarket valve seals. To do so they must cut the top of the valve guide. Perfect Circle for instance! A lot of those seals are white and whether they put those in or not they should replace the seals with new ones this time as well.
  11. First off, welcome! Can introduce yourself to the community and show us pictures of your G6 (we love pics!) in the Intro forum: https://foreverpontiac.com/forum/3-introduce-yourself/ If you're looking to be a part of our monthly Pontiac of the Month contest, typically the entry period runs from about the 15th of a month to the 22nd. Our contests run the month before so July POTM was actually started on June 15 with entries. Then we do voting from the 22nd to the end of the month. The topic here that you posted in is the voting topic for our July POTM. Our August POTM will kick off the entry period on July 15th so you can certainly enter then . We typically send out emails for when each the entry and voting topics open up so be sure to opt-in to our email newsletter to receive those!
  12. ... trying to get out of JUSTA's unpaved subdivision without getting the car dirty.
  13. I have been a member of "foreverpontiac.com" a member of some time now, but I have never made any comments and have never put pictures of my cars up for review. I have owned 6 different Pontiacs with my current ride being a 2007 G6 GT "retractable". My G6 has only 87K miles and would be rated a 3+ car mainly because it is a day to day driver. I have pictures of it in by computer but i am not sure what address I need to send them to. I am very proud of my G6 and because of the fact that I am disabled it doesn't get driven very much, less 2K miles in a year. I really should find a buyer for it, but there is nothing better than to either put all the windows down or drop the top. And in living in Colorado Springs, CO, you can do that any month in the year. Please, someone out there, tell me what I need to do!
  14. Of course you do....it'sa PONTIAC. Welcome to the site.
  15. Thanks Indian, I wouldn't be at this point if it wasn't for you and the others helping to steer me down the right roads bro. I honesty don't know. When I had the machine shop do the block and heads I didn't ask what brands he used. I no that he said I had 2.11/1.77 valves and never thought anything else about it until a post by frosty back in January. I no I'm now using Melling valves but no idea about the seals. When the new shop inspects the heads I would think they would check seals, hope so anyways. I'm hoping to hear back from them today or tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I hear from them. But it does make sense being I trashed so many of the valves bro.
  16. I’m new here! My name is Marissa and I drive a 97 Firebird trans am! I’ve owned it for a few months now and absolutely love it!
  17. Very true. I hadn't thought of that.
  18. Wrongway, glad you’re zeroing in on all the things that need addressed. The white plastic pieces you found? What type of valve stem seals did you use? With all the valve related damage you’ve seen it just might be from them!
  19. I’ve seen how your wife looks at you.
  20. Wow, ok you just scared the hell out of me brother Black Top! lol. Maybe I shouldn't disassemble the pump. If you say I need to then I will or can I just flush it? If that was an exhaust valve seal, it should be ok after the shop does the valve job right? I did cut the oil filter open. Its always so much easier on the video lol. I found very few metallic specs. I'm thinking maybe from breaking it in. But very few. Everything else is looking at this point. I did however find some white engine paint in the filter, just specs and little piece's from when the engine was painted. See what y'all think. vid 1.MOV vid 3.MOV
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  22. There no harm in opening the oil pump to look inside for any contaminants...When you pull the cover just make sure that you don't damage the paper gasket...The gasket thickness is instrumental in determining the clearance of the gears inside the pump..Also mark the gears with a sharpie so you can be sure that they are oriented in the same position with each other as they were to begin with..Upon reassembly...A very slight amount of wear is normal on the cover...Something else that is often overlooked that is definitely worth checking...When you reinstall the oil pump..Drop the distributor in without the hold down bracket or the gasket and let the distributor and the oil pump drive just rest in position naturally....Then measure with a feeler guage the distance between the bottom of the distributor and the engine block...Then measure the thickness of the gasket...Most gaskets are around .020 thick..but thicker ones are available... So if the measurement between the two is excessive... more than .005 - .010 when you lock the distributor down it pushes the oil pump drive rod down on the pump gears too tightly against the cover of the oil pump and will cause premature wear...Send metal shavings through the entire engine and eventual failure of the pump...In order to prevent that from happening you would have to grind down one end of the oil pump drive rod in order to attain the proper clearance...Ideally when the distributor with the gasket..locked in place the pump drive rod should have right around .050 to .060 of up and down play between the pump and the distributor....(measured with a feeler guage at the oil pump) Looks like a piece of an exhaust valve seal that was in the oil pan.....
  23. When your driving on the shoulder instead of the road, ya know it's springtime in Michigan.
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