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One old man, one leg, no shoe!

Last Indian

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On 6/18/2021 at 12:54 PM, Last Indian said:

Who would have thought that remodeling a staircase could be so much work? Add in remodeling the outside of the house and maintenance of over 300 trees, shrubs & bushes would fill one old mans retirement time.

Had to hand make about 50% of all the star parts plus remove the knee wall and rebuild a different one.

finally got my outside materials! What a pain that was! Ever peel cedar siding of a house? You have to remove every nail! I knew that, but there must have been a sale on nails the week they put mine on!







last indian, i see your pulling the cedar off that's mounted diagonally , it must have been a pain in the arse to water proof it around the windows!

what are you reinstalling ?

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Great looking staircase...Nice Work..!

Glad my house is brick...

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No happy, happy, joy, joy projects for Last Indian for awhile. He has to work his butt of this summer just to get his shop back..

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19 hours ago, Last Indian said:

Well the cedar was ship plank. Ship plank has a undercut lip that the one above overlaps so it worked ok, but at the end of the day the crew the built it were real incompetent! I went to the house nearly every day & did most of the interior work, but I missed the transition of shell to siding because I was traveling during that time! Now I find in taking all this front siding off that they didn’t even use tar paper! Idiots! 
I’m using Stone Facade by Certainteed on the bottom, but just 32” high than transitioning to dimensional vinyl cedar board. Than in the back there is a fireplace chimney with cedar that will get stripped as well and finished in the stone facade! 
My shop is a mess! 




and that’s not all of it!

wow!!! there is  a name i have not heard for a very long time !!! certainteed !! 

i worked with a building company back in the late 80's that was the local agent for certainteed! then it justA disappeared for some reason, i think back then they made cladding and sash windows ...

i recall there being a trick with the fixing... breather paper on the walls, then 20mm vertical battens and fix the certainteed to that, but not nailing right home, so that the planks could expand back and forth i think it was... oh and nail in center of the slot .... dont quote me on this as it was over 30 years ago !! :rofl: 

good trick tucking the long lengths under the cars!!! i have had to do that myself  👍

Back then i was employed as the building companies plumber and when plumbing was quiet they would send me out with the builders doing cladding and roof installations 🙄

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  • 4 weeks later...

Lotta work, but lookin good Ol Buddy.

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Great work last Indian ! I like the stone work 👍👍👍

i know what you mean about flashings !!

there  is nothing worse than a half pie job, and finding one some didn’t do there job correctly ! 

Now I think you should be taking a break. And give the Indian some attention 😀

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last indian... when you do get too the second level, i certainly recommend some good scaffolding, either hired or buy it , but with the amount of times  you will need to go up and down, you really need to make it easy.

 the days of using ladders is well and truly gone! 

proper scaffolding with a walk way, ladder and guard rails make life soooo much easier and safer! 

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