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Hey y’all been a minute since I’ve been on here I’m starting a new job soon and will be not be as active due to my schedule. I do miss having more time but money is more important at the moment. Quick little update I have been trying to find and buy these powers too sport upgrade for my car unfortunately only websites that have it in stock are sketchy ones. And I really don’t trust that. So right now I just have to be patient and hope they will be in stock sooner. Still trying to learn this website as well, it’s alittle confusing to me especially when I have barely been active on here in the first place lol! Follow my Instagram for more updates 🙏🏼 @g6.GXP 

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    • By G6GXP
      Hey guys been away for quiet some time now. A lot of stuff has happened recently and have been very busy. Having a new house built which is now almost done, my car and my personal life. I am more active on Instagram which @g6.gxp where I post every single picture of her I possibly can get or already have! So make sure y’all go follow me on their for the latest updates.
      Okay guys so the time HAS COME FINALLY!!! This is a Powerstop Brake Kit I purchased about a 2 weeks ago. Came in finally a week ago and finally after along time coming has finally now gone on my car! I’m so excited to pick her up in the morning to show everyone how beautiful she really looks with this well needed/wanted upgrade lol😎💯🔥. 

      Cannot wait too have another photo shoot tomorrow for her! I absolutely adore this car to death, this car is my passion, motivation and anything positive words you can possibly think of. 
      Details: Carbon Fiber Ceramic Brake Pads, Red Coated Calipers, Drilled Slotted. Rotors. 2009 Pontiac G6 GXP Coupe Street Edition! Has 171,??? miles  but still has plenty of life inside of her little V6! Currently looking for 4 spoke wheels to complete her cosmetic looks. 
      Tell me your guys thoughts on this new upgrade. I will providing Daytime pictures tomorrow! 

    • By G6GXP
      As well with these taillights I also have to wait for these to come back in stock. As soon as I get my new brake system and new taillights I will definitely be uploading pictures for everyone. Same thing for these only sketchy websites have them in stock and I would rather be patient than get scammed!🗣👍🏼 I hope I’m in the right topic for this as well 😂

    • By G6GXP
      Hello To Everyone in the Pontiac community. Ive had a IG page on my car for about a year now. If you want to go check it out it's @g6.GXP. I usually don't post a lot due to my work and Finacial situation but when I do anything to my car I'm usually on top of it whether it's to post or even fix. I do post more stories than I do posting on my wall. But anyways I'm brand new on this website hopefully looking for help to upgrade my car in the best possible realistic way and maybe hope to meet "GOOD" positive people in the community. Maybe build a bond a link up at car meets or such. Hoping to find a lot of answers while being on here and look forward to talking with everyone about their cars. I'm not very knowable with cars but I'm very intrigued to understand and learn more as I go. I also love when people have the same car as me whether it's an 08 or 09 but overall I prefer the G6's (GXP) and G8's (gt,GXP). 
      I am currently looking to take my governor off and tuning my car. Before I do that though I would want to get better brakes and the whole 9 yards. Also currently looking for wilwood brake kit for my car. (Rotors, Calipers and pads of course.) I'm not looking for "help" with my build but would appreciate any opinions or recommendations that will help to make my car faster and stronger. 
      Look forward to seeing your thoughts 💭 
      A few more details... car is completely stock as of the moment of making this post. My check engine light is on because I need a back catalytic converter. Need a new oil pressure switch too.

    • By Madeulook
      Hello. I plan on buying a Grand prix Gxp. And I also plan on only deleting the muffler just for the extra noise. I know there is a drone but from my understanding it's due to the afm at highway speeds. I'd like to know the best way to do this cheaply and keep the drone to a minimum.
    • By Jraymsith
      Hi my 92 Pontiac Bonneville ssei only has 100k miles on it but for some reason all the gauges dont want to work they going up and down expect the RMP AND THE SPEED wich work fine but everything thing else looks like its trying to have a heart attack. Could someone please help on this issue 
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