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    • I wish they would have made the corvette a two car line-up by continuing to build the C7 along with the new C8. I admit that I don't know anything abput manufacturing costs, but GM already had the tooling for the C7 and wouldn't think any of it would able to be used on the C8, so they would have to have created all new tooling. I would assume you would have to open a whole new production line, however... they couldn't both be built on the same line. I'm going to wait till I see a C8 in the flesh before I decide on the styling. Right now I'm leaning to the "slightly disappointed" side. I do believe GM will keep the base price within a couple of grand of the current C7 base. They know this is a big deal and would not want all the negative press that would come their way with a base price a lot higher than a C7.
    • Yeah told that front bushing walked and took out the seal, bushing and burned some clutches!! They are replacing, bushing, seal clutches and torque converter. Trans is back together, but will be Monday or Tuesday before its back in the car !!  I went to a one wire altenator and volts were 14.4-14.5 while driving!! no problems with electrical. I put a GM horn relay on the inner panel to eliminate the horn relay on the junction box !! Works fine and a lot less that the $75-85 price on ebay and other vendors !! Retrosound stood behind they're radio and sent me a new one !! Couldn't be more pleased and impressed with their sevice and product !! Their radios are top notch and really blend well in the stock dash. A lot of comments that didn't realize I had an after market radio in it !!  My next trip will be to Pontiac Nationals only going for a day, but I'm retired and wife said ok!! I'll be leaving on Thursday and spending all day Friday at show. Then leaving that night and head towards Erie for the night and then to Buffalo Saturday for my nieces HS grad party!!  Let the adventures continue !! 
    • No doubt! Even at $90k it’s a bang for its buck. Just ain’t affordable by the average joe. 
    • Still 1/2 price of the rest of the supercar crowd.   Waaay otta my league.
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