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Discuss what is going on in Canada and Internationals

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    • My 92  SE and my 93 GTP.
    • In an effort to lower the number of drunken or distracted drivers on the road, Utah is on pace to become the first state to fully legalize self-driving cars. Wednesday, legislators in the state's House Transportation Committee gave the nod to a bill that would make self-driving legal in the state. HB371, sponsored by Representative Robert...View the full article
    • As I do likewise with you!  You’re always a interesting read!  What you speculate with Europe is is true. Also their highway system, towne arrangments, parking/garages etc in general is much different. Much narrower, tighter & congested. So diesels offer more punch in a smaller package than gas did. Now with reliability of turbos being much improved, direct injection & all the additional improvements in engine technologies the gas engine package has been greatly reduced in size. That in addition with, heaven help us, electric vehicles, diesels have become to costly in comparison and thusly expendable. Back in 1983 my father-in-law (the Corsair pilot) & I built a 2 seater Triumph Spitfire with a 3 cylinder Kabota engine (18 hp) if I remember right. This car got 100 mpg would go 60 mph on the freeway and pulled like the dickens. Quick, no! Acceleration, no, but it was still pretty neat. It was called a Centurion. You used the Triumph’s frame & running gears, built the body out of plywood, urethane foam board & fiberglass. This car once resided in the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum along with his Cleveland Air Race memorabilia. Though Crawford gave up the aviation part, so I’ve lost touch with where those things are now. Although his Thompson Air Race Trophy reside at the Pensacola Navel Museum.
    • Hi gang making my to do list and wondering about my window regulators.. I have the OPG catalog and shows a few but not for a 69 Bonneville it does show the front L&R that would fit but nothing for the back side windows would they be the same?Not sure why it is so hard to find interior parts for 69 was even looking at door panels and sure enough none for that year of Bonneville they have everything for all the others.Or does anyone know if they can be inter changed ,I know back in the day you could do that, Thanks Terry
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