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    Welcome to Forever Pontiac, where we keep the memory of Pontiac alive with great discussion, maintenance tips, restoration/modification progression "blogs" and help from professional & DIY mechanics. Also, wonderful competitions that occur regularly. Please register for an absolutely free account to join in!


Discuss events, local happenings and various items related to the Canada and International areas. 

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    • Thanks Everyone. You know, every morning I'm home, I sit out there and have a coffee and never get tired of that view - there's always something happening. So, as Frosty posted, the Frosty Memorial Tach is indeed on it's way. I tried to explain my excitement to my missus and also tried to describe what a rare item this is in Australia and how people shall drop to their knees as they gaze upon it's beauty. I got the usual blank look of "what on earth is he on about?" thinly disguised with a polite smile and a hasty retreat. She's learnt the hard way. Anyway, the concretor never turned up, the fencer never showed and I can't start anything until the earthworks are done, so it's Car Day! I should probably also explain that the Frosty Memorial Tach is not in remembrance of his potential demise, but a celebration of his generosity, as I already explained to him. Otherwise it could be misconstrued as being disrespectful. Have a good one.
    • Nice backyard for sure! Reminds me of FL short the crazy animals
    • Last Indian, JustA would like to talk about oil again, last year Frosty asked a question that has been nagging at me too. see above  finding the correct weight oils seam important to me because of our climate, and would be keen to get a better understanding of how it comes into play when buying oil👍
    • Hey Joe, not sure if you would be interested or not but I do have my orignal cam and rockers and probably a couple of other parts floating around. The cam is out of a 1968 Pontiac 428 with 68k miles. I looked at it when I pulled it out. It looked good. I can inspect it and send pics if you want. It was greased and wrapped in plastic wrap before storing it.  Im not sure how she will act in your 350 but it should fit. If you are interested let me know and we can work something out bud.
    • Thanks Last indian and JustA. i appreciate your wisdom  i justA happen to have the thermostatic fan off my camaro,  i swapped it for a plastic unit way back in 2003 when i rebuilt the motor and my drag racer mates convinced me that it was pulling horse power and i was best do go with a plastic one if i was pull lots of revs..... well i never really did ( rev much) yet the plastic one with the shroud has never over heated and that car has done countless parades, slow congested cruises etc. The thermostatic unit has the correct bolt pattern and when i am done baby sitting the grand kids this afternoon i will front it too the 64, i am certainly looking at building a shroud, my only issue is that the Pontiac radiator has no frame, it mounts in 3 rubber brackets, so i am looking at mounting a shroud off the front radiator support member. I also need to check the clearances of the fan blades size🙄
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