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    • Damn dude. That really hit home fort me as well. I had sepsis, an abscess along my spine and brain, infection in my kidneys, liver,heart, and even poison in my bones. They called my wife 2x to come and tell me goodbye because they couldn’t do anything to save me. I appreciate your kind words and motivation. I will take your words to heart. It’s been a long 4 months and still more to go. Thank you bud.  Thank you bud I miss our chats and hope to by back in the game soon.  I really miss driving my cars. 
    • Bud - I had my own near death experience just a decade ago. Been there and lived to tell the tale. I spent a month in the ICU thanks to a ruptured colon and the sepsis that followed. My kidneys almost completely shut down. Lost 35 pounds of muscle mass in the process. I was so weak I got winded and exhausted just shaving. It was over six to eight months before I was healthy again. Don't rush it. I learned the expression "I"d rather see you than view you!" and what it means to me and the people around me. That one hit me between the eyes and I've never forgotten it.
    • What Frosty says is true enough! That said, no this is not a sealed transmission! It has a pan, but the pain is the same pain that any of the transmissions built after late “70s” had! GM was to cheap to put in a drain plug! So you need a really big spill pan when you drop the pan. Basically you take the bolts loose in a manner that drops one corner of the pan to act like a pour spout! My advice is if you change the transmission fluid yourself or if you go to a good shop, drill the pan and put in a drain plug for the next time! And yes at 40,000 the fluid is pretty much on the ragged edge! If anyone tells you different, they don’t have a clue as to how the transmission fluid additive package works! GM sets this standard to CYTA! Nothing else! They what to keep you out of the drivetrain, period! Will till the warranty is up after that they don’t care! I would recommend you do a drain fill, don’t change the filter yet, run 50 - 100 miles change it again! Run it another 50 miles, drain it change the filter and fill with new fluid again. Oil changes in a transmission only get about 2/3 of the fluid out. So each time you put in new fluid it get contaminated with the remaining old fluid, which immediately degrades the new fluid. It takes about three flush changes to get a good oil change. I would also recommend you use Dextron IV as the new fluid!
    • Glad your back home Ol buddy.  JUSTA being home has to be a great step up in your recovery.  You continue to be in the thoughts N prayers. 
    • Hi all, I'm looking for the stamped chassis number on my 75 catalina, I need to go register it after importing it a while back, they need to see a stamped chassis number  the dash plate won't do, i have been told its on top of chassis at rear passenger side but after a lot of wire brushing and sanding I can't find anything! Anybody know exact location? Any help much appreciated thanks
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