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  • Welcome to Forever Pontiac

    We are a community of Pontiac enthusiasts. The purpose of our community is to keep alive the Pontiac spirit by sharing (or showing off) our cars, discussing Pontiac, helping each other work on our cars and find information, plus attend various meets/shows/etc... To aid discussion, sharing, event planning and selling of parts/cars/anything, we have various parts of the website to aid this from Forums to an online Garage to Classifieds to even a Document Download Repository. You can find links to these in our navigation above based on what each section helps with (discussion, local events, learning, etc...).

    We invite you to contribute, find help or just view some of our member's amazing cars! Don't forget, we also have great contests from time to time (like our Pontiac of the Month and yearly calendar contest) and our Pontiac This OR That, a fun game where you choose the best of two randomly selected Pontiacs from our online garage.

    We look forward to seeing you around!

Pontiac Questions and Concerns

In here you can post questions and concerns that you have about your Pontiac and have them answered by our knowledgeable members. Also you can post part numbers, old recall bulletins and stuff of alike.

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    • 1984 Trans Am, unrestored, 16766 original miles, 700r4 original automatic transmission, T-Tops, original mint condition interior, original 305 L69 engine, original shadow louvers, original exhaust, Eagle GT tires
    • Can't go wrong with the ceramic coating they look good...Plus the added benefit of....Cooler under hood temperature....
    • Hooker Super Competition headers with a Ti Tech coating or ceramic coating. You can get a silver, close to chrome finish that will look good for quite some time before turning chalky or showing signs of rust and good for @1500 degrees or get a darker charcoal metallic content finish that withstands higher heat temps @2500 degrees and have them look good and last near about forever.   https://axleaddict.com/auto-repair/5-Top-Reasons-to-Ceramic-Coat-your-Exhaust-Headers-and-Turbo-Parts   https://www.jet-hot.com/articles/2018/6/29/5-important-reasons-you-should-ceramic-coat-your-exhaust-headers-and-turbo-parts    
    • Tiffany - I think we have one or more things going on here. If you have a friend or neighbor who is a mechanic with an OBDII scan tool, this would be most helpful it getting what ever trouble codes are stored in your cars computer, to better help trouble shoot your car. My first reaction to your “service theft deterrent system” is a problem either with your ignition switch or your shifter cable. However, you go on to describe other issues coming on shortly thereafter. The traction control would indicate something in either the braking or transmission, most typically in your anti-lock braking system. A broken wire harness in the ABS has been reported as noted below. NHTSA Item Number: 10028186 
      Service Bulletin #: PIT-4756 
      Replacement #: 
      Vehicle/Equipment Make: PONTIAC 
      Vehicle/Eqipment Model: TORRENT 
      Model Year: 2007 
      Date of Bulletin: 2008-11-01 
      Date Added: 2009-03-13 

      Other similar TSBs include:
      NHTSA# 10021080, Service Bulletin# 4260
      and NHTSA# 10023914, Service Bulletin# 070232009   I honestly think there is more to than this, and I will have to do some more reading. My gut instinct tells me that with this many simultaneous system failures/lights that we have some sort of power/power regulation problem (possible battery, alternator, or voltage regulator), an ECM (computer) problem, or multiple different issues all occurring at once. Meanwhile, I certainly invite my fellow FPers to comment.
    • Hi Tom, I'm no expert here since I run factory reproduction exhaust manifolds on my car, so I will defer to my colleagues who do run headers. That said, I've read that the ceramic coated headers will hold up the longest because the ceramic coating helps dissipate heat away from the engine.  Normal chrome/stainless headers will turn blue over time due to the heat.  Header and exhaust recommendations are like opinions, everyone has one. Doug's Headers is one the largest Pontiac header manufacturers. Hooker and Hedman are top notch brands too. I run a Pypes 2.5 mandrel bent exhaust with a cross over (or X-pipe) - it is stainless steel with performance mufflers that still let you hear the radio. There is nothing wrong with Magnaflow, Borla, or anyone else either. I am not a Cherry Bomb or glass-pack muffler fan.
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