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gscherer78ta's 1978 Trans Am

2019 February
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    • it is in for the 2nd time right now, the 1st time was when i first took THAT one out of a 74 Electra 225 Estate Woody Wagon, trans exhaust MANIFOLDS AND All just to be sure i had not miscalculated on it fitting, before i ever did anything else with the car, while i was building a BULLDOGG ENGINEERING 573" Stage II 455 Buick with T/A Stage II aluminum heads ion STAGE III form(they come stage II III and IV but the latter has 2.19 Intakes and offset 1.81 exhaust valves that take a special offset shaft mount rocker system that ONLY come in 1.65-1 ratio, which i did not mind but a regular shaft mount set costs a tad under 435 while the set for the stage IV set up is over 1000, as well THE Stage II exhaust headers will not fit a STAGE I or vice versa, diff is like that TWEEN A RAM air IV And Ram Air V Pontiac heads... Just sat the completed engine in the engine picture back into the car, finishing up the engine and trans mounts and the drive shaft safety loops, not in any rush i have the Trans Am 455 H.O. 4 spd Manual Pontiac Firebird Hurst Trans Am, which is what the so called SMOKEY and THE BANDIT EDITIONS ARE, as well as the 79 Silver Anniversary models, they are all HURST TRANS AMS Produced 1/10/74-6/30/79(i replaced the 4spd Borg Warner Super T-10 trans with a Tremec TKO600lb/ft rate 5 spd SROD w/2.72-1 1st 1-1 4th and .64 OD and long ago replaced the stock 3.42-1 with a 3.08-1 rear gear, as well 9 have a 2008 G8 GT 6 liter 400hp 5spd OD Automatic speed auto OD) The Top engine Option for the HURST TRANS AM was the engine in my car 290hp@5200rpm/435lbft@3600rpm 7.5 Liter  (455") Pontiac engine code 7.5L 75 Upnt as u can see in the next to last pic of its Build Trim Plate which matches the last pic of its Vin Plate, which makes a LIE out of all those folk who claim no 455's after the 76 Model Year ended June 30, 1976, but in fact the 396-454 in a passenger car ended June 30, 1974, first year of a phase out of all above 350" engines in GM PASSENGER CARS, June 30 1975 was the end of the BIG BLOCK 400 Olds and Buick, June 30, 76 ended the 455 Buick, June 30 1977 ended the 455 Olds but the 400 and 455 Pontiacs did not end till June 30, 1979 from July 15, 1969, what folk took production model years to mean was production YEAR, but the GM Production MODEL is 10 years, July 15, or the 9th year of the decades till June 30 of the 9 year of the next, as a GRADUATE w/ a Master Mechanical Engineering Applicant/Mechanical Engineering Degree fall cum lauded 12/21/94 from GMI/Kettering International University im able to dispel a BEVY of misnomers, misconceptions and FLAT OUT BALD FACE LIES about GM production 1st of all the fact that the name of thew Corporation since July 1, 1909 is BUICK General Motors INC. WHICH IT HAS TO BE SINCE Buick IS THE Parent founding and ONLY INCORPORATED DIVISION itself founded in 1902 by David Dunbar Buick, Charles Stewart Whiting and William Henry Fischer on the banks of the Flint River Here in FLINT MICHIGAN, incorporated in July 1908 as BUICK INC. re-incorporated the next Year in 1909 as BUICK GENERAL MOTORS INC when they acquired a previous contractor of production parts from BUICK, The Ransom Olds and Sons Motor Carriage Company and contracted another The Oakland Motor Carriage Company which became PONTIAC/Chevrolet Motor Division July 1, 1920, and since that date ALL PONTIAC, Chevrolet and BUICK engines are a design AND PRODUCTION of PONTIAC MOTOR DIVISION, difference being the BUICK SPECIFICS are machined, assembled and installed by BUICK themselves, while Pontiac has Production, machining assembly and installation of the other two, same AS SINCE July 15, 1926 Cadillac IS A joint production AND assembly OF Buick AND Oldsmobile, 60/40 PRODUCTION FOR OLDS, 60/40 assembly for BUICK, at which point The entry level Olds made by Pontiac eventually BECAME the Pontiac Star Chief, while that they produced for entry Level Buick became eventually The Pontiac Bonneville, Olds became its own entry level., while Cadillac became flagship luxury production of the Corp, which is why LIKE the BUICK V8 the cad v8 tho an Olds Had its distributor in the front of the engine...the difference in appearances of each specific engine is simply a matter of DIVISION RECOGNITION so that a customer did not open their hood and see what was obviously an engine from another DIVISION which would have made CHEVROLET, the entry level div for the Corporation OUTSELL IT UPSCALE DIVISION if its engine was obviously a PONTIAC or BUICK...so please do not try to tell me what my car came with as IF you know better THAN Pontiac, the state of Michigan, myself the owner SINCE 2000, AND MY CAR DO!!!, ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO DID NOT EXIST ON FEBRUARY 15, 1977 WHEN MY CAR CAME OUT OF final assembly, 2/17/77 WHEN IT WAS SHIPPED TO Royal Oak Pontiac, or 2/19/77 when the only other owner of the car besides ME took delivery there. as for MY BMW it is a construction due to that kind of IGNORANT ARROGANCE about my Trans Am, when the fools could not make my car be and have come with what they claim, they all; began trying to race me head up with caged, tubbed, gutted race fuel fired race cars off trailers and whatnot, SOOOO i built the BMW which has a ROLL CAGE, (8 point 4130 chrome molly steel)a custom built tq converter(9" Hub Balloon plated 3500rpm stall), a Coan TH400)full manual reverse pattern w/o trans brake), 9" Ford axle(custom built 56" Track, 12" Wilwood dual piston caliper DISC BRAKES, MOSER 31 SPLINE AXLES, RICHMOND 3.50-1 gear IN A strange ALUMINUM CENTER SECTION W/ Ford traction lock POSI UNIT) on Mancini/South Side Machine/Mopar Direct Connection Super Stock leaf spring system for a 34-3600 A-Body Hemi 4 spd Super Stocker, but the engines(i have two short blocks the 9-1 455 that is IN THE CAR NOW and a .040 over bore 464" 10-1 short block which both take all other engine parts except camshaft and lifters, the 455 is HYDRAULIC, the 464 is flat tappet Solid....517" x .523" and .594" x .608" both using the same 1.65-1 shaft mount roller Rocker system, same intake and carb, headers, oil pan(custom front sump 10 quart w/filter), timing cover/oil pmp(TA PERF HIGH VOLUME HIGH PRESSURE, and Valve Springs 140 PSI seat pressure Lunati Cams springs retainers and keepers, with a TA 608 S Solid Flat Tappet in the 10-1 464" engine vs a reground Poston 305 H grind flat tappet Hydraulic in the 9-1 455"...  i have had two other Import and 2 domestic conversions, a 350" SBC/TH350 Toyota Celica GT and a 403" Olds/TH350 Triumph TR 6, a 296" SBF/C4 74 Pinto LX 2 door post, and a 73 Nova Post coupe w/514" 440 Stroker/Tq Flite 727 neither of the 5 counting the BMW TUBBED, tho the 70 Road Runner i took my 514" Stroker 4340 out of was TUBBED but not narrowed... BEEN BUYING BUILDING/WRENCHING/RACING MY OWN RIDES(cars) since 7/4/63, Motorcycles since 9/11/64 and Pick up trucks since 6/18/65 i spent Sep 88-Dec 94 @GMI plus the interim near 565 years of experiences doing it, the surprise would be if I DID NOT KNOW SO MUCH, not that i do, like the fact that A Chevrolet is the JUNIOR DIVISION OF PONTIAC and the ENTRY LEVEL DIVISION for BUICK General Motors INC, in fact, until 1937 when it became a corporate production division GM TRUCKS were PONTIAC PRODUCTIONS, and since they all use Chevrolet Engines which is a Pontiac production THEY STILL ARE... Dannie, AKA Dallas, AKA Mr. Wizard, AKA DareDevil
    • Filed under: Etc.,Pontiac,Automotive History Complete with paint-pen graffiti and cheesecakey skateboard-fashions stickers.Continue reading Junkyard Gem: 2000 Pontiac Sunfire coupe Junkyard Gem: 2000 Pontiac Sunfire coupe originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 21 Feb 2019 13:56:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink |  Email this |  CommentsView the full article
    • Very cool rides Mr. Wizard.  So when are you putting the Buick motor in the BMW?
    • After two decades, Mercedes-Benz is finally pulling the plug on its Mercedes-Benz SLC roadster. The automaker on Wednesday unveiled the 2020 SLC Final Edition ahead of its debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show next month. As its name suggests, the Final Edition closes out the SLC. The SLC debuted as the 1998 Mercedes SLK as part of a wave of...View the full article
    • 2009 Nissan Murano recalled for ABS quirk The 2009 Nissan Murano has been recalled due to a fault with its braking system that could lead to an unusually long pedal travel. 2019 INFINITI QX30 Review The 2019 Infiniti QX30 is a pint-sized crossover SUV with a German heart and Japanese curves. While on the small side even for a subcompact luxury...View the full article
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