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    • I agree with you Two Lane. Since it's pink from Pontiac I suspect this is a "Mary Kay" car from back in the day and it was special ordered for a woman who sold a significant amount of Mary Kay cosmetic products back then that the Mary Kay company special ordered this car for her. So I understand and appreciate it's rarity. But as you clearly state, that does not mean it is highly desirable and/or valuable. In it's given state its clearly not worth $95000. Restored....well let's just say t will be a lot closer to $95K in value. Actually I think what makes this more unique to the average GTO collector is that this appears to have the Endura bumper delete / chrome bumper option. Pontiac actually give you a credit if you ordered a chrome bumper (e.g. Lemans bumper) over the Endura bumper on the GTO. So this option on a GTO is also rather rare.
    • I use Shell they use an LZ additive package, I attached a link, it will explain their fuel additive package, but it’s second to none. It has one detergent and a whole lot more.   The detergent is just part of the package. Detergents in general do very little for valve deposits, coking in the plenum or manifold or soot that gets pushed into the oil. https://www.shell.us/motorist/shell-fuels/shell-nitrogen-enriched-gasolines.html I add the PEA in the summer every third tank full and the winter, obviously for my other cars not the Indian, ever other tank full. As I said before I use Regane by Gumout and if you watch the Zone puts it on sale, 2 for 1 every so often.
    • As the owner of a rare Pontiac myself...... I'm a realist and know that rare also means.... Unpopular and/or Undesirable.....Which in the car world means it's not really worth anything except to maybe a very very narrow group of people if at all.....Bottom line is...It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and how bad they want it.....Don't see that car as being anywhere close to being $95000.00 desirable.....
    • Saw the pics and instantly thought the same or that they knew something I didn’t . Glad to know it’s the former  
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