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  2. Pass on the trans fluid dippin sauce...it sucks.
  3. Kia's lineup grows for the 2017 model year with the addition of a new hybrid model: the Kia Niro. Unlike the automaker's other hybrid—the Optima—the Niro isn't available with a gas-only powertrain. That's a big step for Kia and one that should help the brand prepare for increasingly stringent fuel economy standards. The Niro isn't...View the full article
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  5. You've seen the TV spots. You've read the ads. You've visited the automaker's website. That new car you want is very safe, they proclaim. It has received top marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety—the Top Safety Pick+ award. But not every car on the dealer's lot is necessarily a Top Safety Pick+ recipient, even if it looks...View the full article
  6. FROSTY!!! Going to meet up with Don Keefe and the gang tonight at Quaker Steak and Lube for a cruise tonight. I hear Kevin Guido is bringing out his ultra rare T-37 455 HO post car. I'll try and grab pics.
  7. We got your low carb classic green aunty freeze called Prestone. We also got the high carb orange Dexcool.
  8. I did a little internet research on this. Mind you there is not a lot out there on the Trans Am. It seems the Positron shifter was not a big success for Shimano as they had hoped. Since the Positron was produced for relatively low end (price point) bikes back in the day, the Positron index shifting system had to be made as inexpensively as possible, which in turn sacrificed reliability - especially by today's standards. This further gave the stigma that index shifting was for "beginners only" and thus delayed acceptance of better index shifting systems by more experienced cyclists for several years.
  9. If you own a vehicle equipped with Takata airbags and you've been waiting for a recall notice, pay attention: this morning, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted more than a dozen new Takata-related recalls to its online database, and they affect millions of vehicles in the U.S. The publication of those recalls caps off nearly...View the full article
  10. Get a bike rack and take it to car shows with the car. Get bored at the car shows and go for a ride. Nice combo.
  11. It's only January, and official stats on traffic fatalities for 2016 aren't expected for at least 10 more months. However, early estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggest that auto-related deaths surged during the first nine months of last year. If those stats prove accurate, they would signal a disturbing trend in...View the full article
  12. Self-driving cars could put 2 million people with disabilities to work, save $1.3 trillion each year Motorists of all ages are concerned about self-driving cars. Uber and Lyft drivers are worried about losing their jobs, while others simply doubt that computers can drive as well as humans. (Fun fact: they can. And how.) German court slams...View the full article
  13. The anti-freeze sauce ... that's not that low-carb GM shit, is it?
  14. The keys are for the OBD2. A 'domestic' cartridge for the MT-2500 should be all you need. If you've done all the rest of the work to get the system working, it might be worth the time to just take the car to a specialist and have them check the ABS with their professional equipment. When you're talking old cars to old grey haired mechanics, they tend to get nostalgic. My local guy is more than happy to discuss my old cars issues and how to sort them at home ... when I'm in paying him for some work on one of the newer ones. I've even once paid him half an hour of rack time just to talk through a job with me. Just be up front and don't waste their time and you're usually good. He knows I'm usually only there for a diagnosis on the old girls. I let him deal with the new crap cars, and things like tires that take special equipment. A steering knuckle that wouldn't fit in my oven to bake went to him for a torch and press. From the marks the press left on the hub, I saved myself a lot of wasted effort there. No way was I getting that sucker loose at home. Aluminum and steel ... what farking idiot thought that was a good idea?
  15. You forgot about the dippin' sauces GE! Hot road tar and battery acid!
  16. Nope, not silly at all. There are a lot of product and marketing tie-ins, some are just a lot more successful than others.
  17. I don't have the service manuals as I just got this car. I'm looking for a scanner, either the mt2500 or an OTC 4000E. I've seen some for sale but hard to find ones under $100, any of those seem to be just the scanner without any cables or cartridges or they are being sold "as is" untested, no return. I can't spend $100 for a paperweight. It's also hard to spend much more on a scanner that will get very limited use. Can someone give me some info on the scanners? I have seen some references that imply that you need a specific ABS cartridge in addition to the engine cartridge? Anybody know if that is right? Will any GM cartridge 1994 or newer handle my obd1 GP, all systems including ABS? What are the keys for and would I need the correct key also?
  18. And just to you know. All the food at KFRK cafe all meat is fresh and no extra charge for any fur found in the food or any asphalt or rocks etc.. At KFRK cafe we kill it and grill it fresh. We got all your greatest seasonings. We have motor oil, anti freeze, rocks, sand, mud, asphalt, all racing fuel smoked under hot exhaust. It's so dang good it'll make your mouth water just thinking about it.
  19. For all that BMW has done for sport sedans in the past decades, it's clear the future is decidedly high-tech. For that, the new 2017 BMW 5-Series doesn't pull any punches. The mid-size luxury sedan comes equipped with a flotilla of self-driving assistants and integrated apps; five different ways to change the radio station; and a touchscreen for...View the full article
  20. The info I got from a guy that used to work at Columbia Bicycles is these were sold in stores and were at the higher end of their massed produced bikes. He thought they sold for $79 in 1979 the only year they were made. Obviously not many sold because you never see them. I thought it was homemade when I first saw it, but after researching I found they were indeed real. Don't know the thinking behind the creation of the bike though. He also said the Shimano shifters it had were pretty high tech for the times. Kind of silly to buy just because I have a Bandit TA but what the hell.
  21. Getting closer. Trim on oneside is back on. Chrome is still about 4 weeks out.
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  23. Welcome to FP.
  24. It's hard to find that much shag carpeting.
  25. It's hard to say 360. You'd think someone would be all over a Cardinal Red Judge. I know I would.
  26. Swiss SD-455

    Swiss SD-455
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