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  2. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Mines done for the year. Slipped into the 60's today after a run of unheard of 70's the last week or so. Now talkin snow next weekend. Pulling the dash on the GTO, replacing my climate controls (have new cables in) replace the veneer if I can match the console. Guy that was gonna help me with the stain, his wife just went into hospice. You know what that's all about. I'd like to get it done and glued into place before the real cold sets in. Been workin on the fleet of daily drivers, and a ton of yardwork.
  3. The Official Pics of our Pets Thread

    LOL she has grown on me literally LOL
  4. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Justa, cars all put up? I put the Indian up Sunday, it was a beautiful day! I’m not sure how this new cover/add on piece will turn out. We’ll see what I looks like on the car. Hoping to at least get it in primer before winter!
  5. Yesterday
  6. The Official Pics of our Pets Thread

    Great shots Indy. Tell us again about how much you DON"T like that dog!!!!
  7. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    Awesome work, Hope it gets noticed. Your custom CHIN spoiler (lack of a better word) blows me away.
  8. The Official Pics of our Pets Thread

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. The Official Pics of our Pets Thread

    Remi our spoiled pup Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk One of my favorites Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    About 10 to 12 years ago I saw a front bumper cover add on that I thought looked good on the 97-03 generation GP. It seemed to improve what I always thought was the visually weak point of the front end. I never proceeded with purchasing it because I was sure there was no way it would stay on or fit right for the long term since it was only held on by two way tape. It was also way over priced. That said, I finally decided to buy it and incorporate it into a new front bumper cover by physical cutting it to fit and bonding it to a new cover. Then meticulously blending it into a seamless one piece cover. This has been extremely painstaking and time consuming. Some of the design of the original piece I have changed, such as the lower bottom lip that runs under the two large air inlets was cut down 1
  11. WOTSRA Halloween Cruise

    Don't know for sure, but maybe 1/4 mile at a time?
  12. OHC6 rebuild

    Man you guys are awesome! I have been apart of several car and truck forums and non of them have guys that are willing to share their knowledge in such quick friendly manner. I’m already loving the old school Pontiac community!
  13. OHC6 rebuild

    There are really only two main players for rebuild parts. KANTER AUTO; https://www.kanter.com/productdetail.aspx?DeptNo=1400&MakeName=Pontiac&MakeYear=1968&CategoryID=31&ProductCode=1655&Router=Gallery EGGE MACHINE; https://egge.com/product/kits.php?action=Search+MMY&kit_make=PONTIAC&kit_year=1968&kit_engine=250+CID There are a few who also sell parts but nothing like full kits. Here are a few items to give you a little insight to the OHC; First is my Pinterest page with Malcolm "MAC" McKellar's S.A.E. Report on the OHC 6 engine. He was the lead engineer on the OHC 6 program and this report offers a very good look into how it's designed. https://www.pinterest.com/mrbigbluesky/pontiacs-new-1966-ohc-6-engine-mr-mckellar-report/ Second is a fairly recent OHC BUILD that also has some good information; https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/mus/2017/01/Inside-the-Sprint-Six/3750446.html Cheers
  14. OHC6 rebuild

    Well it’s pouring oil out of the tail pipe and smoking like a tar kettle. So most likely rings need to be replaced. And I don’t believe in digging into the engine without replacing bearings seals and gaskets along with sending the heads to the machine shop. So I figured unless it’s just some valve seals or something in the head I’ll be rebuilding. Straighten me out if I’m missing something.
  15. FWD ground pounder - Last Indian

    I wasn’t sure how good the sound would come across, the 3800 with the right setup can sound pretty healthy. Some of the roads in this area are fun to drive. Some like the S turns in the video are really good to run to tune a suspension, very similar to some road courses I ran back in the day! Some are the same ones I used to setup the Z when I raced it! ahh, those were the days, now in a couple more years if I try that the electric cord will get wrapped around the wheel!
  16. Federal and California state environmental officials announced Monday that roughly 38,000 Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen SUVs can be updated to be compliant with emissions, nearly two years after the automaker admitted it had cheated with an illegal "defeat device." The EPA and California Air Resources Board sent a letter to VW on Friday approving...View the full article
  17. I thought we didn't believe in protectionism in these days of globalization and global markets? Of course, I did enough the fictional results of counter-protectionism in Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor.
  18. They need to pull a Trump and slap BIG import duties on car imports now. Actually, they needed to do it a while back to keep those jobs. They'll say they didn't want to drive up the price of cars .... but what's the point of cheap cars when nobody has a job to buy them?
  19. OHC6 rebuild

    I think this is SPRINT6's area of expertise. How do you know you need a total rebuild or you just planning on a worse case scenario?
  20. DSC00887.JPG We love it

  21. DSC00898.JPG fun all Day long

  22. DSC00890.JPG in Switzerland

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