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  2. It's possible but I suspect you might have bad wheel bearings (they may not have been properly greased or packed or the spindle nut was not pre-loaded correctly) so the rotor and caliper assembly are banging into the spindle. Another possibility is your brake pads are not properly seated within the caliper and that the pads rattle as you turn. i recommend you take your car to a reputable front end shop and have it properly inspected. If you replaced the hubs they should not fail this quickly unless they were installed improperly. Lastly are you sure you have not picked up a rock or small stone inside your front tires hub cap or center cap?
  3. He did. They came out upside down too.
  4. I give you credit on that one 360. That is an excellent observation. My counter question to your theory then is why is JUSTA his shoulder hurting? Yeah no cups or cleats. No chew or pine tar either.
  5. Uniforms are waaay better than Baseball.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Evening Professur, Appreciate this additional advice and will see how this will work when I get started! It is the getting started part that is my next hurtle :)!!!
  8. C'mon brother, I would have never expected you to catch that one. I bet it happened when I put on new belts and tightened up the squeaky power steering pump. belt. Hell I didn't even notice that the pulley required or was missing a reinforcement plate. No worries my brother. Now Frosty, to answer the volleyball question with a theory? Have you ever noticed in every picture with the volleyball team that Justa is always surrounded with hot volleyball women? Just sayin'. He works smarter, not harder.
  9. I thought you took the pic's of the cops N facepainting.
  10. Justa keep swingin til ya can't swing no more. Even as messed up as I am, refuse to quit until I'm no longer feared or respected. Have no idea how I missed the cracked pulley. Must be slippin in my old age.
  11. If frosty or Justa are taking pics I feel no need to Who wants to look at upside down pics anyways? Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The 2018 Ford Focus Electric is a battery-electric five-door compact hatchback that directly competes with the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, Nissan Leaf, and Volkswagen e-Golf. Like all, except the 238-mile Bolt EV, its recently expanded range falls between 105 and 125 miles, seemingly the norm these days. The Ford Focus Electric...View the full article
  13. He is....but he has this crazy volleyball fetish that no one really understands.
  14. Most of the talk about self-driving cars is focused on everyday consumers: do they like the technology? Do they feel comfortable with it? Will they buy autonomous vehicles? But in fact, the first large-scale applications for self-driving technology are likely to be commercial. Every week, it seems like we hear of a new autonomous shuttle service...View the full article
  15. A couple of suggestions for working under it ... presuming you don't have a lift. Transmission jacks are great ... but you don't have the room if you're only on stands or ramps. A 2x10 stretched the width of the car, with blocks of 2x6 stacked flat under the ends provides a wonderfully stable support without you trying to bench press the damn thing under the car. Ease it down from either end by removing blocks ... lift it back up the same way. And while you've got it out ... Universal joints are cheap. If you haven't changed them recently, MAW do it now and benefit from the cheap insurance against future failure.
  16. Uber has been experiencing its own brand of hell for the past several months. Complaints about mistreatment of female and LGBT employees, allegations of trade-secret theft, faulty self-driving software, its tone-deaf manchild CEO: headlines about these and other unsavory matters have fueled a worldwide campaign to #deleteUber since the beginning...View the full article
  17. Today's auto news headlines are dominated by stories about self-driving cars, ride-sharing companies, and exploding airbags. But just three years ago, ignition switches were the dominant topic of conversation--specifically faulty ignition switches manufactured by General Motors. You might've forgotten about all that, but GM hasn't, because it's...View the full article
  18. The Waymo/Google vs. Uber/Otto battle is getting uglier (and way more complicated) Not so long ago, someone might've looked at that headline and thought we'd lost our minds, or at least fallen asleep on the keyboard. These days, though, we're all too familiar with what each of those words means and what's at stake as two of the biggest players in...View the full article
  19. Will the SUV and crossover boom spill over into wagons? Jaguar thinks there's a chance, which is why it has confirmed that a station wagon version of its XF mid-size luxury sedan will be headed to showrooms in the United States late this year. It'll be called the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, and it's something of a bold move for the luxury...View the full article
  20. Has the transmission fluid been change or any maintenance to the transmission in it's lifetime?
  21. I have a 2008 G5 with +/- 180,000 km. At a stesdy low speed 50 km (30 mph) the transmission is always switching betwen 2 gear.......Any solution ??
  22. Mike G Don't know if the front pump seal would be available at local autoparts store. They used to be years ago. Might have to procure one from another source..While have apart might as well replace the seal at the rear also..Where the drive shaft yoke goes into the trans. As far as the torque converter goes. If the hub where it goes thru the seal into the pump doesn't have excessive wear from contact with the seal.. It will probably be OK. The trans internally is the same as a Chevy Powerglide. Only the case is different..Seals should be the same..Thank you for your service also..Let know what happens....One Other thing make sure to lube new seal with trans fluid before reinstalling converter.,
  23. Truly a buyer beware market. I know the guy that inspected it for you too!
  24. Last week
  25. The car was thoroughly inspected before purchase but you certainly can't catch it all. I was the dumbass that drove it for 2 years and never caught it so in the end, its really on me.
  26. Two Lane, Appreciate the quick post and guidance! That looks fairly straight forward, even for this Air Force veteran (saw you were Navy) and thanks for your service. I will change trans fluid while I am at it...torque converter too? Assume any local auto parts store would have the seal? Mike
  27. 02Starchief
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