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  2. JUSTA6

    New shoes

    I still have not installed the veneer I have so much $$$ tied up in. Had it stained to match the center console. Had to find new climate controls and cables, then JUSTA haven't had the time to pull it apart. Also still need to change up to LED lights while it's all apart. Didn't want to have the car down and miss the shows I attended last year. Need to get er done.
  3. Stewy

    2020 FP Calendar Giveaway Winner!

    Hey, cool - thank you @Ringo64! Totally unexpected but very appreciated none-the-less. 😃 Even though I haven't been around long, it has been an enjoyable time! Looking forward to many miles yet to come.
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    2020 BMW X1

    The 2020 BMW X1 blends crossover style with hatchback practicality. It’s a winning formula on both sides of the equation: The X1 is the most affordable BMW and, for BMW, it is its best-selling crossover in the world. The extra height adds more space inside and greater outward vision than a hatchback, without compromising too much in the way...View the full article
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    2020 Porsche Panamera

    No longer considered sacrilegious, the five-door Porsche Panamera has earned its place in the Porsche lineup as the family-style 911. It’ll dance along roads with much of the same aplomb as that iconic sports car, but it’ll do so while carrying twice as many people and all their luggage to boot. That everyday usability along with the...View the full article
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    2020 Jaguar I-Pace

    The 2020 Jaguar I-Pace is one of the most formidable competitors so far to the Tesla Model S and X electric cars. Thanks to its efficient powertrain and its sleek style, we’ve given the 2020 I-Pace a TCC Rating of 9.0 out of 10 overall, one of the highest scores we’ve awarded so far for 2020. (Read more about how we rate...View the full article
  8. So I recently bought a wheel and tire package just to change the look and performance of my GTO by going to a 17" aluminum wheel with a 255/45/17 tire and I expected a ride difference but not as big of a disparity as I am experiencing. The ride is stiffer, I expected that. There is more road feel I expected that. I had 15x7" R2's with a 245/60/15 almost identical in size. The difference I didn't expect was the car didn't track and it seemed more effort was required to keep her in a straight line she seemed to wander all over the road. Just out of curiosity when I returned home I measured from outer edge of tire to outer edge of tire both back and front and the front was 73" wide and the rear was 70". My old set up had all the same wheels with all the same backspace as the new wheels are but I didn't experience the "tracking" issue before......any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  9. 360Rocket

    New shoes

    Dude I kinda nervous about placing it and placing it off center. That’s a lot of landscape of 3MVHB. It’s gonna be tough without doing it in sections cause you can’t do it in sections oh and by the way there is over hang that you have to bend this aluminum plate down to cover the underside of the gauge panel.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Thanks Frosty. Now, can somebody out there make the Australian peso go up in value so I can actually afford a set?
  12. Fitzy

    65 GP grille

    You can be assured that when I reach the Pearly Gates (unlikely, probably the Downstairs Section instead) I, like the rest of us will receive an itemised tally of all the pollutants our cars spewed out over the decades and payment will be required, in the form of one's soul. In the meantime, be content in the fact that I shall definitely offset any gains being made by hybrids & EVs, simply by starting the beast.
  13. Hi all - forum newbie and first post. Looking for some help! I'm in the process of pulling out the 326/2 and ST300 from our '66 Tempest convertible, with the intention of swapping in a '64 389/4 and (eventually) 200-4r transmission. Question: the 389 has no starter (as it was mounted to previous trans from the Catalina) or flexplate, so I need to re-use the starter/solenoid and flexplate from the 326. I am assuming this will work without issue but wanted to check with you all first. The 64 block has provisions for the starter, so I won't need a bellhousing adapter. Anything I'm missing or not considering? Any help is appreciated in advance - thanks!
  14. Doug's Headers is one of the oldest and most reliable header companies for Pontiacs in North America. If they say they fit a '65 389 GP, they do unless a previous owner has changed up something unexpectedly. A lot of other big header companies, like Hooker Headers, no longer offer headers for these older Pontiacs.
  15. Frosty

    New shoes

    I thought so. Give us overall shot of the interior once you've got everything put back together. I curious to see who it looks overall.
  16. First drive: 2020 Audi Q7 goes long on tech, short on space and fuel economy The mid-cycle refresh of the 2020 Audi Q7 crossover SUV brings a mix of contradictory developments. The new MIB3 infotainment system makes the best native navigation on the market even better, but the new turbocharged V-6 contributes to lower fuel economy than the...View the full article
  17. 360Rocket

    New shoes

  18. Frosty

    Detroit Autorama - Feb 28-Mar 1

    I know Joe's game, but I don't want you to shoot him either.......** rimshot ** So go Sunday.....
  19. Frosty

    65 GP grille

    Shuffle board? Yahtzee? A Kiwi Rapper? Becoming part of the ever growing global paparazzi problem? Stalking your prime minister? Nah, just burn more than your fair share of hydro-carbons. Your Grand Prix can make up for, oh I don't know, 10 or more Priuses.
  20. Frosty

    New shoes

    The 2nd-gen Trans Am turned dash effect?
  21. The mid-cycle refresh of the 2020 Audi Q7 crossover SUV brings a mix of contradictory developments. The new MIB3 infotainment system makes the best native navigation on the market even better, but the new turbocharged V-6 contributes to lower fuel economy than the outgoing supercharged V-6. While it may seem like one step forward, one step back...View the full article
  22. We’re all Loverboy and we’re all working for the weekend. When it comes time to hit the road with the family and toys, few SUVs can do it better than the 2020 Ford Expedition and 2020 Chevy Suburban. They’re kings (or queens) of weekends. Both SUVs offer big power, big space, and in some cases, big price tags. The only thing...View the full article
  23. cowboydanny

    new member 1931 Sport Sedan

    Rebel I sent you a message check there for info. It's supposed to be in the 40s this next week so maybe I can run some water thru it. I have a hot water valve on the side of my garage. So that may help. Dan
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    2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata

    For enthusiasts the world over, few cheap cars get the heart racing like a 2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata. It doesn’t have prodigious horsepower, outright speed, or dazzling good looks. The Miata’s appeal, in fact, is largely the opposite of all that. It’s so endearing because it distills the essence of the sports car: two seats...View the full article
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    2020 Porsche Cayenne

    The Porsche Cayenne ruffled a lot of feathers when it first joined the sports-car maker’s lineup. Now it’s the best-selling Porsche model and takes at least a share of the title of hottest performance SUV. If you’re an automaker trying to make a performance SUV or crossover, the 2020 Porsche Cayenne is your benchmark. This level...View the full article
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    2020 Acura NSX

    If no ordinary supercar will do, consider the 2020 Acura NSX. It's rare and obscure, the choice of the non-conformist tired of seeing the scads of Lambos and Porsches on the streets. The blistering performance and this-ain't-nothing-but-a-supercar styling help earn the 2020 Acura NSX a 7.0 out of 10 on our scale. Why not a perfect score? The usual...View the full article
  27. Frosty

    New shoes

    Ooooohhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Good looking shoes bud!
  28. 360Rocket

    New shoes

    Never been a fan of the woodgrain. Here is another project I am in the middle of....
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