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New England
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About This Club

General discussion, images, events and questions about what's going on in New England States of MA, NY, NJ, CT, ME, NH, RI, VT.

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  2. Its a baby fuckin wheel dude! JAHY WHAHT THE FUHCK IS THAT THING
  3. Home sweet home. https://www.facebook.com/mikeybrgn/videos/10200957083166738/
  4. As a retired air force guy myself. Unless, your in the system a person will never know the exact cause of the crash since that will be kept under wraps. Yes, the F-15 is a great aircraft and very old and it's still out there due to it's performance and maneuverability. But, only with guard and reserve not active duty. The F-16 is a very old bird as well. I hate that we lost yet another good pilot to an accidental malfunction in what ever system caused the crash.
  5. I can't find any definite information about it, but I know why: That investigation is on the backburner because the USAF won't admit that the F-15 fleet is aging. There have been 7 F-15 crashes since 2011. 23 crashes between 2000 and 2009. Most of them with experienced pilots. The F-15 is a Cold War era machine.
  6. That is sad news Havoc. I am sorry to hear the Lt. Col didn't make it. What caused the plane to go down? What was the reason for the failure of the ejection seat? Poor maintenance?
  7. A little late on this, but if you didn't know the pilot didn't survive. Lt. Col. Morris "Moose" Fontenot Jr was unable to eject from his F-15 due to a failure of his ejection system. He was flying to New Orleans for a radar upgrade. Among the crew at Barnes ANG base that serviced his plane, including the ejection systems, prior to the flight was one of my friends. He beat himself up pretty badly over it.
  8. Havoc - any update on this situation? Was the pilot found? Is he alive or is he consider MIA?
  9. http://www.104fw.ang.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123422814 08282014 - Search For Missing Pilot Continues
  10. Oh snap! Pick a date and make this happen! Chaos could make this trip too
  11. Depending on the weekend Syracuse is 5.5 hours according to Google. But I could beat that.
  12. destiny mall in syracuse has indoor electric go karts and does party races and such....
  13. Central NY? Syracuse is 3 1/2 hours. Not too bad
  14. But they are really really big states !!!!
  15. Havoc faced mystery members is a northern thing. DO NOT STEAL. LMAO
  16. im already in Nevada...how many more states between here and Florida? 2? 3?
  17. So I will see you there Jan. 11th? I will see you Jan 4th then? God I love how my girlfriend has family in Florida, brings down the expenses of vacations
  18. Hell, if everyone comes to Florida I'll grab the first round!
  19. Cancun - Ringo springs for the first round of drinks with umbrellas in them.
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