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2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX

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2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX

   (0 reviews)


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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to sell a silver 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX. The car is in NYC. While the car's exterior and interior condition are mostly intact and in good shape, the mechanical condition of the car is not. However, because I am not qualified to diagnose or fix the car's mechanical issues and because the car carries sentimental value (as it was passed on to me by my father when he passed away), I would prefer to sell it to someone who likes Pontiacs, knows what they are doing, and can take care of the car, rather than just sending it to a junkyard.

As of right now, the car has 5 known mechanical issues, as follows:

1. The car will not start. The problem does not seem to be electrical, as all the lights in the car turn on, and I tested the battery, which seemed to be in good condition. However, when attempting to start the car, the car cranks a bit, but does not complete the process of turning over.

2. The fuel gauge is not working properly. As the fuel in the tank approaches a quarter-tank, the fuel gauge starts moving in various directions. It also seems to be affected by the level of the car, as when the car is inclined on a hill, the gauge will behave erratically.

3. The AC does not work properly in the summer, particularly when idling or driving slowly. It typically works fine when driving on the highway.

4. While the turning signals typically work fine, there are random moments when they will turn off unexpectedly, without any warning.

5. The car often idles roughly, often after driving long distances, when it is cold outside, or when the car is inclined.

As far as I know, these are the major issues the car is dealing with at the moment. The car currently has about 89,000 miles. I'm looking for around $5500, but I'm willing to work on the price, given all of the issues. If you are interested in more information about the car, or just interested in the car in general, please let me know. Thank you.


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